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Vessel Registration Transfer / Cancellation

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What do I need to do to transfer a vessel from the Luxembourg Registry to another Registry or to Scrap?

EFS will coordinate the transfer to another registry.

a. Original Letter of Request for Permission to Transfer

The charterer has to submit an original letter requesting the removal of the ship from the Luxembourg flag. EFS may submit the request on behalf of the charterer. If the removal is requested due to a sale or due to transfer to another flag it should be indicated in the request letter.

b. Return of Invalid Certificates

EFS requests that the original Certificate of Registry to be returned if possible. If it is not possible, a letter explaining the reason why will suffice.

c. Settlement of any Outstanding Fees

EFS will advise the client on any outstanding fees and will coordinate collection of payment.

What type of certification will I receive when I have completed the process for transferring the vessel’s registration?

A Certificate of Cancellation will be issued to the charterer.

A closed Continuous Synopsis Record will be issued.

What are the fees for the deletion process?

For a list of fees relating to bareboat charter termination please contact EFS.